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Shoolini University is a leader in outcome based higher education. Our online degree programs are designed to secure your future, first and give your career a winning edge, be it through a great placement or selection in a leading international university. You only pay once your desired outcome is achieved.

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You pay upto 50% of tuition fees based on outcome

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Shoolini Graduates are placed in India’s top companies


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  • Career Focused Learning
  • Top Faculty & Mentors
  • Top Faculty & Mentors
  • Global Opportunities

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Business Administration

3 Years

BBA with electives in Marketing, Finance, HR, Digital Marketing, Computer Science, Direct Selling

BA(Journalism and Mass Communication)

3 Years

Exciting career-focused degree in TV Journalism, Digital and Social media

Master’s Degree

MA (English Literature)

2 Years

Enhance your future by some of the finest teachers in the country with this course

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

2 Years

MBA Program is a two-year degree provided by Shoolini University Centre for Distance

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2+2 International Degree Programs

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Do you dream of studying Abroad at a leading international university, affordably?

Under the Shoolini 2+2 International Degree Programs, students can enrol at Shoolini University and obtain a degree from a top foreign university. You start your international degree by studying the first 2 years at Shoolini University and the final 2 years of your 4-Year Degree Program in any of our partner international universities. This also includes two years of work visa in the foreign country, paving the way for Permanent Residency (PR).

4 Countries



United Kingdom
United Kingdom


  • Part-time jobs during the program in foreign university
  • Two-year work visa after completion of degree
  • Final degree granted by international university
  • High chance of PR in foreign country

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Get ahead of the curve with our AI-driven FirstU Career Support

  • Career Sessions
    Interact with industry professional, get invaluable insights on how to succeed in AI Resume and Profile Building.
  • Resume and Profile Building
    Put your best foot forward when your application is screened by your prospective employer.
  • AI Interview Coaching prep
    Access to Siqandar-the world's best interview prep coach - to make sure you come out confident for your job interview.
  • Showcase: e-portfolio & patent
    Build an industry ready portfolio to showcase your mastery of skills. Work in small teams to develop your own patent application.

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